The Definition of Beauty

Recently, my facebook feed as been blasted with this new Dove campaign.  It was later criticized by a blogger, Jazz, and her post went viral as well.

Now when I watched the Dove campaign, I had the same irking feeling Jazz did.  I actually had to force myself to watch it, because for some odd reason, it wasn’t inspiring to me.  I had no idea why until I read her post.  She pretty much points out that the women who were primarily featured were mostly caucasian, thin, blonde and young.

Oh, Dove.

You know, I have a love/hate relationship with their campaigns.  They have their positives, and then they have their negatives.

I think the ones that irked me the most was the check the box ones.  You remember them, right?  In case you didn’t….here are some examples:

DoveAge extralargesexy

eyelids Darkskin freckles greygorgeous hair wrinkles

With these ads, I’m not sure what Dove is asking of me.  Is it merely to provoke me to discuss the topic of beauty?  Or are they asking me to choose one of the above?  The one with the “Ugly spots or Beauty spots”, strikes me as an obvious.  I would check “Beauty spots” in a heartbeat, but what of the others?  If you asked me to choose or that it has to be one or the other, I’d be incredibly offended.

With Dove campaigns, I feel consistently wary.  On one hand, I feel this could be a real inspiring campaign and has been…to a specific market.  On the other, I feel as if in its attempt to be inclusive, it has been incredibly exclusive in its definition of beauty.

What do you think?

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