Customer Care

At Zuka we stand behind the quality of our jewelry and are pleased to offer a one year normal wear & tear guarantee on your jewels from date of purchase. Zuka will have the right to determine normal wear & tear. After six months, your pieces will be repaired for a small fee. If you should require a piece to be repaired, please email us at before shipping so we can discuss what your needs are.

  1. Keep in mind that there can be color/size differences with some semi-precious stones and beads.
  2. When cleaning please use a damp, soft cloth. Never dip pieces in any cleaning solutions as this could alter the colour of the stones/freshwater pearls or dissolve the use of any epoxies used to set the stones.
  3. Always put jewellery on after the use of hairsprays or perfumes as they could tarnish any of the plating on the pieces.
  4. To keep your handmade Zuka pieces clean and bright store them in an air-tight environment so they won’t tarnish, we like to use Ziploc bags.
  • Jewellery and accessories from Zuka

    All our accessories are handcrafted and designed in our Vancouver. Studio. We have tons of styles in lots of different materials. If you’re looking for something more personal, send a custom order to our studio at

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