About Us

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Zuka, a Swahili word meaning “to appear suddenly” began as a self taught interest and passion to create exquisite fashion jewellery for Designer Kari Staten.  Having an interest in fashion from an early age, starting with a subscription to Seventeen Magazine at thirteen, it was inevitable that she would find her creative soul there.

In 1996 the Canadian Designer Ron Leal commissioned Kari to create some pieces to showcase with his collection for the Matinee Fashion Week in Toronto.  This launched her career and began her journey of building Zuka into a successful company that draws from the emergence of what is meaningful.  Design precious pieces that have a history.  From the ethereal elegance of the turn-of-the-century to the earthliness of artisan inspired treasures.

A love of classical ballet, architecture, travel, antiquities and an intense obsession for color inspires and fascinates her.  All of which factor into the end resulting collage she creates as each new jewellery collection emerges every season.

“My desire is to create and produce beautiful, unique pieces that are classic;  pieces that can be passed on from generation to generation.” ~ Kari Staten

  • Jewellery and accessories from Zuka

    All our accessories are handcrafted and designed in our Vancouver. Studio. We have tons of styles in lots of different materials. If you’re looking for something more personal, send a custom order to our studio at jewel@zuka-art.com.

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